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Beer Geek Limfjords Porter

Beer Geek Limfjordsporter is a double stout with coffee and licorice. A collaboration between Mikkeller and Thisted Bryghus, based on the world’s best stout “Beer Geek Breakfast Stout” and “Limfjordsporter”.

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, roasted barley, oat flakes, coffee (1%), sugar, liquorice (0.07%), hops, yeast.


Citra Session IPA

This 4.5% ABV session IPA from Mikkeller is crisp, clean and packed full of Citra hops. The robust bitterness is balanced by sweet tropical fruit flavours, followed by notes of tart grapefruit and pine needles. With a juicy character and spritzy carbonation, it finishes light and refreshing.


Crooked Moon Tattoo Double IPA

In Mikkeller we have over the years done ​​many collaboration brews. However, the last one we did was a little unusual – we collaborated with the Swedish tattoo studio Crooked Moon. The two brothers Jacob and Jonas Pedersen that run Crooked Moon Tattoo in Helsingborg wanted to celebrate their tattoo studio’s first birthday with a big party, and what could be more natural than to do it with a beer in their own name? The two brothers have designed the labels for this beer. And therefore this beer comes with two different labels. One by of Jacob, and the other by Jonas. The beer is just like a Crooked Moon tattoo: strong and powerful. In this case we are talking about a violently hoppy double IPA with 9% alcohol. You’ll find Crooked Moon / Mikkeller DIPA find on draft and bottled. The picture show the two labels – Jacob’s label design to the left and of course then, Jonas’ to the right.En dobbelt india pale ale.

Crooked Moon Tattoo Stockholm Fig Stout

Mikkeller brewed the Crooked Moon Stockholm Fig Stout for their friends at the Crooked Moon Tattoo Studio in Sweden. As it was brewed with figs, you bet this one is full and rich with notes of the interesting little fruit. Also, the label is full-on rad.



Green Gold IPA

The commercial description for this is “Mikkeller’s tribute to the green gold.” We have no idea what that means and the rest is written in Danish, but I do know I love this beer. It’s a hoppy IPA, not a “strip-down-your-tongue-and-gouge-your-eyes-out” hoppy, but a very pleasantly bitter swill with a lovely peachy caramel sweetness and ripe pine finish.



Artisan Stout brewed with Lactose and Cofee.



Nuclear Hop Assault Imperial IPA

Imperial India Pale Ale brewed with hybrid hops.



About Mikkeller

In 2006 he was a math and physics teacher that started experimenting with hops, malt and yeast back home in his kitchen in Copenhagen. Today Mikkel Borg Bjergsø exports his micro brewed beer to 40 different countries and is internationally acclaimed as one of the most innovative and cutting edge brewers in the world.

We aim to…

… brew beer that challenges the concept of good beer and moves people. We do this by using the best ingredients and work with the most talented and creative minds around the world.

… make quality beers a serious alternative to wine and champagne when having gourmet food.

We fail to…

… calm down. We are always thinking in new ways and ideas, always working on the next project. Sometimes it’s hard for people to keep up.

… make beer that is watery and tasteless. In our world beer challenges people’s taste buds – whether it’s in a bitter, spicy, sour or fruity manner.

We love to…

… explore the existing beer genres by using the best raw material available. The refined product is the aim – not to keep down costs. This leads to very special brews by Mikkeller: Stouts with Vietnamese Kopi Luwak coffee, chipotle chili, lychee fruits – just to name a few.

… cooperate with other breweries around the world, who inspires us and teach us new ways of doing things.

We hate to…

…work with people that don’t give a damn. There are so many wonderful, passionate and honest people in the beer world, why spend time on the rest?